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I love you, little Sweetheart mine, And want you for my Valentine!

nhua) -- Sa◆n Antonio Spurs ●head coach Gregg ●Popovich said on M〓onday that 〓All-Star for●ward Kawhi Leonard ●will not play in○ Game two of the ●2017 Western Con〓ference finals again◆st the Gol●den State Warrior●s."He's in ◆an MRI right now●. We'll see. We'○ll see what the ●MRI

says. But, obvio◆usly, he won't pl■ay tomorro■w." Popovich sa〓id on Mond●ay.Leonard had i●njured his ankle〓 in Game 5 of San A■ntonio's second-○round series a■gainst the Hou●ston Rocke●ts and misse■d the decidi●ng Game 6. And he● hu

rt the ●left ankle ●again after lan○ding on the 〓foot of Warri■ors center Zaza 〓Pachulia while shoot●ing with just under〓 eight minute●s left in the■ third quarter of Su〓nday's Game 1 again○st the Warriors.Af○ter Leonard left ●the game, the Warr●iors cut the big ■25-point defic

State ●Warriors.

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it by ■surging an 18-◆0 run to overtake ○the Spur

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